26 April 2019 - The Big Bang Theory, TvShows



Forty-five days after leaving Pasadena, Sheldon finds himself in a train station in Kingman, Arizona with all of his possessions (and his pants) stolen. He calls Leonard to pick him up, and Leonard takes Amy with him. Heading home, Sheldon says that he never left any of the train stations during his journey. Amy is hurt he left without telling her, and that he called Leonard for help. Sheldon is not happy that she is there, and says he did not call her because he was too embarrassed to admit that he could not make it on his own; Amy accepts that he is not perfect. Sheldon thinks his trip was worthwhile because it has left him ready to deal with change, but as soon as he sees Penny’s new haircut he immediately walks out of the apartment. Bernadette gets Penny a job interview with her pharmaceutical company as a salesperson, though Penny is very nervous about it. She does horribly in the interview, but gets the job anyway, after bonding with the interviewer over their shared fear of Bernadette. Howard and Raj find Stuart still living with Howard’s mother even though she has recovered, which is very unsettling to Howard.


Source:  The.Big.Bang.Theory.S08.1080p.BluRay.x264-SHORTBREHD[rartv] 37.76GB

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